This Premium Service for 40 weeks includes:

Streaming over 3 hours from 11 studio sessions by Dr Gowri Motha.

Tracks include
1. Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation (21:31)
2. Short Birth Rehearsal (15:52)
3. Full Body Relaxation [Jelly] (16:08)
4. Hypnobirthing… Zoning out (22:24)
5. Thinning the cervix from 38 weeks – Pre-programming (11:45)
6. Self love, baby and Birth confidence (16:51)
7. Spaciousness for optimal Fetal Positioning (16:19)
8. Baby Bonding (6:09)
9. Endorphins Applied to Birth (39:23)
10. Continuous Visualisation (25:45)
11. Dr Gowri’s Birth Rehearsal (24:41)

Streaming Gentle Birthing ‘The Jeyarani Way’ Labour

1. First Stage (24:30)
2. Second & Third Stages (19:42)

Streaming over 6 hours from 15 sessions by Dr Gowri Motha’s Self-hypnosis and Visualisation evening classes in London.

Tracks include:
Connecting with Baby Encouraging Growth and Birth Rehearsal (23:17)
Uterus Cervix Structure Function and Baby’s Intuition (25:39)
Creating Confidence with Endorphin Release (20:42)
15 Minute Birth Rehearsal (15:59)
Talking to Baby for Optimal Fetal Position (7:29)
Feeling as Light as a Feather, Healing the Gut, Spiritual Connection (22:44)
Visualisation During a Pancreatic Treatment, Reduce Bloating, Improve Insulin Response (21:03)
Mother you are a Gift_Release Endorphins_Pre-programme Cervix_Birth Rehearsal (46:20)
Your Vacuuming Breath Stimulate Cleanse (11:40)
Preparing your Birthing Zones Mentally from 36 weeks (6:53)
Relax Release Endorphins Quick Birth Rehearsal (31:23)
Mind as a Powerful Tool for Birth Programming (20:05)
Endorphins Muscle Sheath Softening with Breath (37:02)
Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Birth Rehearsal (28:20)
Baby Awareness Gift of Life (37:03)

Free CD or MP3 download of Prepare for a natural birth with Self-Hypnosis and Visualisation

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(valid for 40 weeks).

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