“The Jeyarani Way” Gentle Birth Method believes that the key areas for the mental preparation of the mother and father are: removal of fear, knowledge and confidence building.
Removal of Fear

there can be many reasons for fear of labour including:

  • fear of experiencing great pain during labour
  • fear of possible trauma that might occur to her body during birth
  • fear of injury to the baby’s head during birth
  • fear of being “out of control”
  • fears of being unable to cope with the needs of a new born baby
  • fear of taking responsibly for a child

Fear can overwhelm mothers and in a way disturb the normal flow of hormones during labour and childbirth.

During birth, if the mother is not able to manage her feelings and the sensations of labour then doctors and midwives may need to intervene.

Once there is medical intervention, there can be complications and medical procedures, such as epidurals and instrumental deliveries.
Fear of labour can be minimised by teaching the mother self hypnosis and deep relaxation techniques throughout pregnancy. This will enable the mother to be very relaxed during contractions and this by itself increases levels of comfort during contractions. The mother then embraces labour as a process that she can easily manage with breathing and positive visualisation techniques.

Our classes and CD’s help the mother to overcome conscious and subconscious fears by introducing education and a positive attitude with techniques that work to make the birth manageable.


Knowledge is power. If the mother knows and understands the processes that she will go through mentally and physically during birthing, it will enable her to prepare appropriately for birth and to take responsibility for her pregnancy and birth.

The aim is to teach the mother, in a simple way, about what is (and will be) happening to her and her baby’s body’s throughout pregnancy and labour and why these changes happen. It is also explained how birthing is a co-operative effort by both mother and baby and how by working together they can achieve a positive birth.

Confidence Building

physical preparation reduces the degree of pain experienced during birthing
reassures the mother and father. Birth education releases fear and this helps the birth process
the mother is able “to go with the flow” confidently
We also believe in:

Nurturing the Mother

Becoming a mother is a unique and special event.
Whether she is a first time mother or has given birth several times before, a mother can feel vulnerable during pregnancy and birth and we offer sensitive support during pregnancy and the birth process. As a mother can feel vulnerable during birthing, research has shown that birth support from a known practitioner can reduce the need for medical intervention.

Looking at lifestyle modification

Stress of any kind – work, family, friends, even over-training in the gym or running too much can contribute to physical inflammation and tightness in the pelvic region.

Mothers may also feel the need to change their lifestyles to accommodate a new baby in their lives. This can cause stress because of the social impact of their new lifestyle. i.e. on career and income on travel plans and on socialising with friends.
We focus on impressing on our mothers the importance of the mother’s new role – and her transition from SUPERWOMAN to SUPERMUM!!!!

Providing a Reality Check

The mother and father are encouraged to acknowledge getting in touch with the fact that their bodies are changing and that pregnancy brings with it new needs and that both partners will be parents soon.
Using self hypnosis and visualisation for birth rehearsal brings this reality closer so that mothers and fathers perceive becoming parents as a wonderful event.

About Gowri

Dr Gowri Motha is proud to present the Gentle Birth Method that aims to prepare mothers and fathers for a gentle birth.

The classes also include a hypnotic birth rehearsal to help mothers and fathers practise and understand the birth process mentally. This contributes greatly towards removing anxiety and installing confidence. During her twelve years within the NHS, Dr Motha observed the benefits of integrating Self Hypnosis and Visualisation classes for a gentle birth with complementary treatments into birth preparation, such as Reflexology, the Bowen Technique, Cranio- Sacral technique, Ayurveda and Alexander technique.

As part of her quest to help mothers to look forward to giving birth, she introduced water births into the NHS in the eighties. She was the first doctor to conduct a documented water birth within a London NHS hospital. Gowri and her close-knit team of complementary practitioners are dedicated to guiding mothers throughout their pregnancy by offering optimal treatments at the appropriate times during gestation. The Gentle Birth Method book was written so that mothers all over the world can read and follow the simple week-by-week programme given in the book and experience the benefits of gentle birth. The GBM book has an enthusiastic following here in the UK and in several countries worldwide.

Quotes from mothers

–Dr Motha inspires confidence and has great success in helping women to have the wonderful births that they had hoped for, because she has exceptional talent and is able to span the divide between conventional and alternative medicine.

–Mothers know that Gowri and her personally trained team will use the best of the West and the best of the East in order to help them have a wonderful healthy pregnancy and birth, which then results in a calm baby.

We are proud to present words of appreciation from our valued high profile clients.

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