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Evening Class Membership
– Over 5 hours of live classes

Connecting with Baby Encouraging Growth and Birth Rehearsal (23:17)
Uterus Cervix Structure Function and Baby’s Intuition (25:39)
Creating Confidence with Endorphin Release (20:42)
15 Minute Birth Rehearsal (15:59)
Talking to Baby for Optimal Fetal Position (7:29)
Mother you are a Gift_Release Endorphins_Pre-programme Cervix_Birth Rehearsal (46:20)
Your Vacuuming Breath Stimulate Cleanse (11:40)
Preparing your Birthing Zones Mentally from 36 weeks (6:53)
Relax Release Endorphins Quick Birth Rehearsal (31:23)
Mind as a Powerful Tool for Birth Programming (20:05)
Endorphins Muscle Sheath Softening with Breath (37:02)
Jacobson’s Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Birth Rehearsal (28:20)
Baby Awareness Gift of Life (37:03)

Cost: £10
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Premium Membership
– Gowri Motha’s new 2018 studio recordings
– all evening classes
– the original recording of: Prepare for a natural birth with Self-hypnosis and Visualisation
Cost: £60
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Listen to an excerpt from Gowri’s evening classes.

Dr Gowri Motha
Preparing your Birthing Zones Mentally
Dr Gowri Motha Preparing your Birthing Zones Mentally

Click here to listen to all (over 5 hours) of Dr Gowri Motha’s evening classes.


Listen to an excerpt from Prepare for a natural birth, Self-hypnosis and Visualisation CD / MP3 download

Gr Gowri Motha
Visualisation And Birth Method
Gr Gowri Motha Visualisation And Birth Method

This 60 minute track is available on iTunes or
also CD / MP3  at gentlebirthmethod.com/shop


Listen to an excerpt from Gowri’s new 2018 studio recordings.

Dr Gowri Motha
Self Love Baby and Birthing Confidence
Dr Gowri Motha Self Love Baby and Birthing Confidence

Gowri’s 2018 new studio recordings coming soon!

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